Celebrating 50 years!

On November 8, 1968 we received our first donation for operating costs. It was $100 received from the Portage and District Chamber of Commerce. We began our first fundraising campaign on September 13, 1969. The campaign goal was $60,000. With overwhelming support from the community we achieved that goal! We have a long history of achieving our goals support our member agencies. In celebration of our history, and to properly define the area that we service, Portage Plains United Way has changed it’s name to United Way Central Plains!

Our Campaign goal for 2018 is $225,000.00. It will take the support from everyone in our community to achieve this. This is why we have redesigned our identity. We serve more than just Portage la Prairie. We serve 44 communities in our catchment area, and so do our member agencies. We look forward to strengthening our relationships with all of the communities within the catchment area.


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